Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Great Debate! Romney or Obama? Noooo. Sleep or Blog.

I have become accustom to sleep typing. I hope everyone reading this will spare me the editorial criticisms about spell check, but I need to get this out and sleeping now and writing later will not work. You see there is never a later when you have children. It doesn't matter if it is one or four, a mother is almost always exhausted at the end of the day. So enough gripe and on with the happy things.

Sparkle Kitty   -  My first beautiful girl is becoming quite expressive and her teachers are getting a little perturbed with her. So is her mama, but I grant her slack because she is Sparkle Kitty and her world is very different than mine. Right off the bus she acted up so I gave her a small dose of children's Advil thinking she may have a sinus headache like I did that morning. She became a different person. She is five, but hasn't mastered the art of self diagnosis. She never complains of a headache. When I can see her squinting and covering her head with her leopard blanket I know what's up. Today it was a double dose of needing to use the bathroom and refusing to go. So of course I told her teachers that she is fine, just let her poop it out and she'll be back in action. Since she felt better we made a cake. My favorite, Pistachio Budnt Cake with Chocolate Glaze. It was awesome. Hear are the pictures.


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