Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Great Debate! Romney or Obama? Noooo. Sleep or Blog.

I have become accustom to sleep typing. I hope everyone reading this will spare me the editorial criticisms about spell check, but I need to get this out and sleeping now and writing later will not work. You see there is never a later when you have children. It doesn't matter if it is one or four, a mother is almost always exhausted at the end of the day. So enough gripe and on with the happy things.

Sparkle Kitty   -  My first beautiful girl is becoming quite expressive and her teachers are getting a little perturbed with her. So is her mama, but I grant her slack because she is Sparkle Kitty and her world is very different than mine. Right off the bus she acted up so I gave her a small dose of children's Advil thinking she may have a sinus headache like I did that morning. She became a different person. She is five, but hasn't mastered the art of self diagnosis. She never complains of a headache. When I can see her squinting and covering her head with her leopard blanket I know what's up. Today it was a double dose of needing to use the bathroom and refusing to go. So of course I told her teachers that she is fine, just let her poop it out and she'll be back in action. Since she felt better we made a cake. My favorite, Pistachio Budnt Cake with Chocolate Glaze. It was awesome. Hear are the pictures.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well it has been awhile to say the least. I start a blog and boom! I go off radar for a year. Well here is what happened.

A whirlwind pregnancy, gestational diabetes and three toddlers with chronic bronchitis. I am so ready to get back to writing. It is time to concentrate on my health now that I am fully recovered from the C-Section or should I say dissection of Lisa. I am going to focus on the Happy now. No more talk of bad doctors or stitches. Just my beautiful baby boy. 10.3 lbs. Woot! woot! Thank God he was a C-section!


Here is my Blondie Bear. Michael Soren. I love his name.
He is such a cutie. I wish I had better camera to show off those cheeks. For those of you who cannot see, he is on the carpet so the cheek on the right is smushed outward. You think his cheeks are big, I wish I could get a picture of his thighs.  Such a Big Boy!
Back to the name. My brother Michael and my husband's uncle were named Michael. They were our Godfathers. The name Soren was just a name that came up as a middle name through all four pregnancies. It's popular in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Halloween is coming and I want to include some pictured of last year's Halloween costumes. The kids did so well as I hobbled along on my pregnant swollen elephant feet.

Well this will be another year of Princesses and I am about to puke. Don't get me wrong because I love all things pretty and sparkly. I'm and girl and that's what I do. But every now and then I want to mix it up.
I was really hoping one would want to be a kitty or a fairy. Hmph!
At least my always faithful son will mix it up this year and be Lightning McQueen, or at least his driver. We are not sure what the costume is, but it's not the car. Michael will be a Chili Pepper if it fits him. I can't wait.