Friday, September 30, 2011

Late Night Date Night

Hello All. I am anxiously waiting for my date(Sexy Husband) to come home. Its been a lovely week of runny noses, doctor's appointments and a broken garbage disposal and I really need a pick-me-up. Note to those who do not know me: Pick-me-up = Trip to salon, Chocolate coconut cupcake, new lipstick or to literally pick me up and throw me into bed. (I never sleep and sometimes I just have to be held down in bed until I fall asleep. Really. I know it sounds sexy at first, but it is usually not a cuddle fest.
Weekend plans include the pumpkin patch, birthday shopping, and Mass at the Cathedral. I love Sunday so, but my children are still at the age where a cry room would make everyone around us happier people.  
So Mr. Sexy will be home soon and we will enjoy our late night ritual of dinner and going straight to bed. So different than our Pre-3 days. Pre-3 refers to our three little beauties ages 2,3&4. I'll post more on them at a later date.
Well I am off to make myself as beautiful as I can at 12:04am

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